Strong expected growth

Inpipe Sweden AB is in a very interesting phase. In 2021, we launched the world’s first fiberglass-reinforced liner, free of styrene and all forms of bisphenol. With climate change accelerating at an ever-increasing pace, sewage systems around the world have begun to reach, and in some cases exceed, their technical service life. A comprehensive overhaul of pipelines will be necessary. Today’s sewer networks, road, and railway culverts cannot cope with increasingly frequent torrential rains. They must be cleaned, sealed, and reinforced. Inpipe expects strong growth, thanks to shaft-free renovation and using climate-smart and economically sustainable solutions.

We must also consider what we are using and what we will leave behind for future generations. That is why, at Inpipe, we invest significant resources in developing climate-friendly alternatives that are good for the workplace, the environment, and the people.

“We are optimistic about the future and will continue to manage and protect our existing customers while we will expand on the world market.”

Nicklas Björnvind, CEO

The road to a sustainable environment for future generations.

Environmental thinking is a driving factor for Inpipe – we owe it to future generations to think about what resources we use and how we treat our environment.

Trenchless renovation means carbon dioxide emissions are significantly reduced versus traditional excavation and digging.

Curing liners with UV uses a small amount of energy over a short time period, when compared to curing with steam or hot water. In addition, process water is not contaminated.

Inpipe Freeliner® is free of styrene and bisphenol, two substances hazardous to health and the environment.

In the production of the polyester for Inpipe Freeliner®, bio-waste sources are used, which thereby reduces the use of fossil-based raw materials.