Quality policy

It is Inpipe’s goal to meet our customers’ requirements for each individual order, according to our terms.

Inpipe must have a holistic approach to products and services. Inpipe not only delivers a product, but we also deliver a complete service to the customer, where possible.

The benchmark for quality work:

  • Each delivery should earn a recommendation for future business.
  • Agreements must be kept.
  • Measures must be based on facts, on a holistic view of the business, and with a view toward long-term growth.
  • All products, processes, and service can be improved.

Have good contact with customers and suppliers.

  • Be responsive to customer wishes.
  • Follow up on customer deliveries.
  • Systematize quality dialogue with suppliers.
  • Set and work with quality goals and ensure follow-up.
  • Document internal and external activities.