UV light curing

Curing with UV light is fast, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Curing with ultraviolet light saves precious drinking water and energy and thus has a much smaller climate footprint

When UV light hits polyester with photoinitiators, a chemical reaction takes place that causes the polyester to harden. This is a very fast and energy-efficient process in comparison with heat-cured liners, since UV-cured liners do not need to be heated to a special temperature to be thoroughly cured. UV curing is also a safer curing method, since it is not affected by ambient temperatures.

Environmentally friendly

The only energy consumed with UV light curing is the electricity that makes the UV lamps shine, which is effective in comparison with heating a large amount of water.

With UV curing, you also avoid handling process water that may contain harmful chemicals, such as styrene, which must not be released into nature.

Advantages of UV light curing

  • The method is fast, you harden up to 90 meters of liner per hour depending on dimension and thickness.
  • Low energy consumption keeps emissions are kept to a minimum.
  • No process water is formed that can contain harmful chemicals.
  • The equipment takes up little space.