Inpipe Sweden AB’s management

The CEO is subordinate to the Board and is responsible for Inpipe’s day-to-day management and day-to-day operations. The division of work between the Board and the CEO is stated in the rules of procedure of the Board and the instructions for the CEO. The CEO is also responsible for preparing reports and compiling information from management prior to board meetings and is the rapporteur for the materials. The CEO monitors that Inpipe’s goals, policies, and strategic plans that were established by the Board are followed and is also responsible for continuously informing the Board of the company’s development.

The CEO leads the management team, which is responsible for overall business development.

In addition to the CEO, Inpipe’s management consists of central company functions with clear areas of responsibility. There are five senior executives responsible for managing finance, IT, personnel, quality, purchasing, production, communications, and the market.

Nicklas Björnvind
Tel: +46 940-395 39
Mobile: 070-583 9539

Barbro Bergqvíst
Tel: +46 940-395 32
Mobile: 070-654 1843

Rolf Näslund
Head of Sales & Marketing
Tel: +46 940-395 31
Mobile: 070-940 2218

Kent-Ove Lindblad
Production Manager
Tel: +46 940-395 34
Mobile: 070-242 2805

Mats Danielsson
R&D Manager
Tel: +46 940-16 68 33
Mobile: 070-395 3059