Our products

Products for trenchless renovation
  • Flexible lining in Ø150 mm – Ø1800 mm diameters.
  • Ring stiffness up to SN7.
  • Inpipe Liner – adapted for the most common dimensions and SN classes.
  • Inpipe Flexliner – adapts to variations in diameter.
  • Inpipe Freeliner – free from styrene and all forms of bisphenol.
  • Inpipe Special Liner – can be specially designed for challenging needs.
  • All of our liners are cured with UV light to save energy and protect the environment, READ MORE  >
  • Installed via Retraction or Renewal,

Inpipe’s liners are made up of several layers of corrosion-resistant fiberglass and polyester.

Common uses

  • Sewage pipes.
  • Gravity lines.
  • Pressure lines.
  • Road and railway culverts.

For pipes in an aggressive chemical environment or with abnormally high temperatures, we offer a vinyl ester liner.

We continuously test our liners to ensure that they live up to the quality requirements in the area of use.

All Inpipe liners are manufactured to order and ready for installation. We do everything to make it easier for you, meet your requirements, and reduce waste.

”Sustainability through innovation”.

From fabric to finished product

Inpipe Liner

The Inpipe Liner is our standard liner and it fits the most common pipe dimensions and projects for the trenchless renovation of drains, road culverts, or other types of pipes. You can get your liner in SN1 to SN7, depending on diameter. Available in Ø150 mm – Ø1800 mm.


Inpipe Flexliner

For relining pipes with varying dimensions. The Inpipe Flexliner easily resolves problems with dimension and shape changes in your pipes during trenchless renovation. The liner can withstand a dimension change of up to 150%, depending on the dimension of the pipe.


Inpipe Freeliner®

Inpipe Freeliner® is the world’s first styrene- and bisphenol-free liner for renewing pipelines and culverts. Inpipe Freeliner® was developed to meet the requirements of installers and line owners for the best possible working environment and the least possible impact on the environment.


Inpipe Special Liner

Inpipe has the knowledge to find solutions for most needs that arise with feed for trenchless installation. We will help you develop unique solutions when our standard products are not enough.


Inpipe Lining System

Inpipe offers installation equipment for installation via inversion and winch-in-place. The Inpipe Lining System is unique because you can use the same equipment regardless of which method you choose for installation. Modern equipment makes the work efficient and safe. It is installed using ordinary vehicles and can be easily adapted to your specific needs.


Inpipe Lab

I vårt högteknologiska laboratoriuIn our high-tech laboratory, according to ISO 11296-4, we offer test parts for your installed flexible feed. We work quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. The analysis is presented in a complete report that we provide you.