Inpipe Lining System

Efficient installation equipment gives you advantages!

Inpipe offers installation equipment for installation via inversion and winch-in-place. The Inpipe Lining System is unique because you can use the same equipment regardless of which method you choose for installation. Modern equipment makes the work efficient and safe. It is installed using ordinary vehicles and can be easily adapted to your specific need.

Inpipe Lining System is also compatible with most UV-cured liners on the market. This means that you are not locked into a specific liner supplier if you use our equipment.

Complete equipment

  • UV light train 9 x 1000W with IR sensors for continuous temperature measurement and front-mounted camera
  • Winch for light trains
  • Rules, controls, and monitoring technology for the entire installation process, as well as data collection and a logging system for installation
  • Curves and sockets in different dimensions for connection to the liner
  • Spare parts and accessories