Pioneering innovation

The number one choice in trenchless, sustainable solutions for relining – based on cutting edge Scandinavian innovation.

Two methods
Endless advantages

Cutting costs up to 80 percent compared to traditional excavation methods

Minimal environmental impact, maximum Swedish quality

Effective installation
Safe operation

Inpipe offer two ways of installation, Inversion and Winch In Place, with most of the operation carried out from the installation vehicle.

Where tough conditions meet unwavering quality

In the realm of pipeline solutions, we navigate the challenging terrains with ease, just like the enduring reindeer pulsing through the snow. Our GRP liners, crafted with precision and care, stand as a testament to our commitment to high-end quality. At Inpipe, we don’t just claim quality; we live it, ensuring our customers can rely on us, even in the harshest conditions.

Inpipe lining system

Complete equipment.

The Inpipe Lining System offers state of the art technology for smooth renovation, using the same equipment regardless of installation method.

Low cost
Low emission

Using Inpipe liners for trenchless renovation brings significant reduction of hazardous emissions – and costs. All thanks to brilliant, Swedish innovation.

Nordic mindset
Swedish quality

Caring for nature is part of our heritage in Southern Lapland, Sweden, where Inpipe is located. That is why sustainability is the default mindset in our product development.